Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 D:

After 11.59pm tonight,
It will be 2010.

What The Fcuk !
I am NOT happy, NOT exciting and NOT looking forward to it at all !

Cause my best friends wont be around me anymore.
Manda went to Tawau.
Wanyi retained.
Ruth going to Australia !
Poor ME & Sophie ! :(
I dont even same class with Sophie, u know.
I cant imagine the days without them.
Although we still can contact each others,
but I dont know our friendship can TAHAN till so long anot. T.T
I should be more confident to our friendship, right? :(

UEC & PMR coming.
Who wont be worry?!
Everyone was like
"aiya.. u worry what... u so clever~"
F*** ! If i'm clever, i've already gt No. 1 ==
Conc: I'm W

This is my second post
And it's also the last post for 2009~
Wish everyone Happy New Year ! :)

Amanda ! Tan Wei Shan ! Tan Wen Yee ! Ong She Qin ! And Lau Zhi Yan !
I MISS YOU ALL !!!! <3

Until the next post.
Tata <3
p/s: I havent finish my homeworksss:(

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Oh Yes

Miss the days when i sleep with ahqin and weishan~
Chit-chatting until 3am and dont wanna

Miss that day at genting.
Went Viston City at 12am until 1.03am !
Crazy, I know. ><

School gonna reopen
Next year PMR & UEC (for private school)~
But what i'm doing is
Gonna DIE~

Went to bookshop with mum today.
Mum bought lots of buku latihan of SEJARAH and GEOGRAFI for me.
And I need to finish all of them !
Oh ya !
My Science havent done yet !
Homeworkssss are waiting for me.
And i'm still blogging~

Until the next post.