Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RYLA'11 in OBS :D

Went to OBS(Outward Bound Sabah) for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) camp on 11th March.
The camp actually started on 12th. but we have to go there earlier one day:)
But then received a msg said that there's earthquake in Japan and may cause Tsunami at KK..
Made all of those water activities CANCELLED~ SPOILED our fun but yet it's still great :P
Stop nonsenses, Start talking about this AWESOME camp:D

Day 1
The laughing exercise was funny! lol.
My group:)
Group Name-Red Circles
Instructor-Thomas (tom) & Robert
Members-Nick, Han, Luke, Selwyn, Liew, Chau, Pam, Helen, Esther and of course me:D
Group Cheer
Are you ready guys? YA
Are you ready guys?YA
Are you ready guys? YA
One ah Two ah Three ah~
*flexible* XD

Gonna upload photos later:P

Had 3 lectures. Kinda bored~ lol..

Our group was kind of shy at first..
But then got closer very fast=D
Forgot WHY XD
Fred was the first one i got friend with in the group (except for esther was my roommate and i knew selwyn since long time)
Knew Tan Ping Quan who's only 15 but look like 20 and act like 5 XD
Learned Bocho Bocho (dont know if i spell this correctly XD) and it's great! :D
The COAT-OF-ARM was so damn stupid..

haha~ WTH.. shy, abit shy and confident!! XD
But seriously, WE ARE AWESOME:D and amazing though;)
Day 1 ended really fast~ nothing VERY special~~

Day 2
we woke up at5.20am, prepared and went to BEACH for morning exercise~
The breathtaking view and windy weather was refreshing~ AHHHH!!! I miss that! D:
Had our breakfast and
We had one star for the first day=D
We had 3 lectures CONTINUOUSLY until lunch=="
Sat with Nick that time..
I felt so damn sleepy and i accidentally fell asleep..
And one of the lecturers said that "If you all fell asleep, then you come out and tell all of us a joke. since i'm here telling you jokes and you still can sleep."
Nick then woke me up and asked me "Eh, you gt lots of jokes to tell us isit?"
then i just "i dont know, but i am sleepy, i have to sleep awhile" then i continued~
but i only fell asleep for few minutes XD
He's a funny guy~ lol..
a lovely bro. TEEHEE;)
There's one lecturer (a woman who has daughters) told us we should say NO to sex..
And i wondered..
How did she born her 2 daughters if she said NO to sex? O.o

After lunch, we had ropes activities.
and treasure hunt.
We didnt really hunt for treasures. We hunted for a little blue thing with red sign=="
For rope activities, we had Rock Climbing and Flying Fox~
I didnt dare to climb the rock==" SCARY mannnnnnnnn!
For the flying fox..
We had to FLY down from a really very very high tree.. i thk it's like a 3-4 floors building~
so damn high =="
but still..
I played..
VERY SYOK la~!!! hahahaha!!!!:D
After that..
We went for hill climbing..
a 350metres high hill~
Afterthat, my thigh muscles are painful~
A LOT!!!!
That night, we went for nightline..
Our eyes were blindfolded and we went climbing hill again=="
My muscles still feel like contracting now><"
There was a funny part..
Cause we were blindfolded..
And Fred was leading us (he's blindfolded juga)..
We used one hand holding a rope and another hand holding ppl's shoulder who is in front of us~
Then we sometimes have to change SIDE as there was tree in front and blocked our way..
Sometimes our hand will not be on that ppl's shoulder one..
And that time.. Fred was infront of me..
Many times.. i removed my hand from his shoulder..
Then he was like finding my hand and i was like finding his shoulder..
And i felt he held my hand and put on his shoulder..
It was normal for me..
However, when we're back to assembly hall..
Tom told me.. he is the one who actually did that.. and it went on for like 3 or 4 times alr..
And i never realize..
means that.. Tom had walked between me and fred for few times and left few times also..
Both me and fred never realize..
He's so scary LOL
and Robert kept making those KATAK sound to scare us=="
at first, we're scared.. it sounds real..
But then, he made too many times already.. So damn obviously FAKE=="
and Chau fell for twice during nightline~LOL
The review of the day is awesome too!
Tom was so funny and he kept talking about his irritated-little-sis..
HEY!! I am the only one left GOOD little sis in this world for him!!
hahahaha~ hey mann..
Impossible whole world little sis irritated you okieeee :P
Time passes so fast.. Second day ended=')

p/s: PhD = Permanent Head Damage XD

Day 3
Same.. Morning exercise at beach again:)
Breakfast and hey there! We had one more star=D
then had one more lecture.. which made me and Nick crap like hell again XD
Afterthat, Went to beach for a walk and cleaning up there.. Collected one lucky Star shell XD
Our group did composting but i only stood there and watched XD
After lunch,
We had Tradisional Games Competition and our group won it.. HAHAHAHA!!!
I was so geng in LASTIK..
Now only i know XD
LUCKY only laaa~
I was lame in others XD
We started to prepare for BUSH COOKING COMPETITION..
Nick and I were in charged in picking firewoods and start the fire to cook rice..
I first time bush cooking cook RICE=="
But luckily..
our rice tastes good=D like NORMAL RICE XD
And we had Cabbages with Sardine and Chicken Curry for our dinner!!
They tastes really good~
And now only i know Cabbages cooked with Sardine tastes good.. hahaha!
Should try again next time;)
Bonfire night was awesome!
We presented an act..
Nick was the main character!
He's so damn damn damn FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
the act was really GOOD:D
That night was awesome..
I shouldnt sleep so early that night..
Should have spent more time with ma' friends =(
STUPID ME~ Arghhhh...

p/s: even when i sit down.. my thighs pain=="

Day 4 - Da Last Day ="(
We went to beach early in the morning.. no morning exercises anymore..
We danced bocho bocho :P
We wrote a letter to ourselves at the beach...
And i am desperately waiting for the letter~~~
I really didnt want to leave..
I kept sleeping during Panel Discussion..=="
The closing ceremony was great..
We sang, we shouted and our group got BEST GROUP~
Nothing much to talk about last day..
Just keep taking photos like they're going to disappear the next second..=(

This camp is too awesome and i really didnt want to come back sandakan to face all those pressures=(
I miss their awesomeness and Tom's stupid songs XD
Cant stop thinking of the awesome things happened there (:
They're one of the memories that will never be replaced:)

I just cant list out all those funny and awesome little things that happened..
But they'll be kept in my heart forever until the day i die:) <3
I love RYLA'11~
I gonna miss OBS~
Muacks :") <3

p/s: I only roughly describe this:P

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cant stop smiling:)

I really cant stop smiling until today!!!
I dont know how to describe the feelings..
It's so..
Yet special~

Yea, I guess i am madly in *SOMETHING*!!
Feel like I'm really so stupid..
Hate my friends always say something which made me high like i'm in HEAVEN XD
In fact..
I'm AN SHUANG! lol~
I wish what they said and what i felt is going to come true:)
I love weishan's description..
I am like a mad lady..
Smiling smiling and SMILING!
Seriously cannot stop smiling.. LOL
Even if i think of it, I SMILE!
I am so damn HUA CHI=="
Beh tahan..
But my brain is like "HANG GEI" when he did that><"

I heard your name coming out of her mouth and she's talking about you..
I dont know what is my feelings now=="
I am just too high and wanted to post something on my blog XD
I cant stop sharing it.. but yet..
I cant tell EVERYONE about it..
If you know then keep quiet~
If you dont know, please dont ask;)