Saturday, August 13, 2011

Being stupid :(

I was thinking about us this whole afternoon..
Thinking that we might talk like normal..
or at least.. ACT LIKE normal friends..
But now only i know..
I was dreaming..
Really dreaming~

I dont really know what have I done..
Maybe i got some idea why we became like this..
But if that's the reason..
Babe, You're becoming so FUCKING UNREASONABLE!!
If it's possible, can you please tell me what's that about?
Instead of leaving me here guessing and act like you're so BEH SONG me?

I dont think we can go back to our old days..
But why cant at least..
Be back to NORMAL?
Can you please tell me what had happened?
I only want a reason..

This second semester is so sucks
And i miss my old S1B so much :'(
It's hard to act like nothing happened~
I'm sad.
For now..
But next second, i might just forget what you've done to me and be an idiot again:')