Thursday, December 30, 2010


Slept at 4am this morning and woke up at 7am something to go to school D:
To CLEAN UP prefect room~
Always "Lauyinhuan, u seems so free.. come sweep the floor"
Then "Lauyinhuan, go arrange the cups"
"Lauyinhuan, see what's inside the box and tidy up"
"Lauyinhuan, BLAH BLAH BLAH"
Like i'm his AH SEI..
SUMMORE sticked my picture to the AH SAO's PLACE D:
Gary Yap SAMPAT!!=P

Dated Bobo and AhLoke in the afternoon..
Said 12pm de.. But they reached school at 1pm++ ><"
YENG lo them~~~
Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch..
Those waitress~
Dont choi people one lo D:
Keep ignoring us~
BAD ~!!!! :P
Chatting and Laughing like XiaoGia there LOL
summore think of our new nicknames!! XD
Me - 魔化天使·袅袅
Bobo - 天使般的恶魔·汴汴
Loke - 人类之七情六欲·纷纷
Ah Loke's name is abit weird.. Cant think of anymore good de D:

We wanna look for 封龙贴!!! LOL
Planning something really evil.. XD

After that.. Went back to school AGAIN to chat..
not bad la.. nice chatting:)
It's quite fun today..~

p/s: Found out something made me heartbeat like VERY FAST~ XD

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ma' Holiday=D

I went to KL on 28th NOVEMBER:)
Xiao Jiu kept asking me DONT CRY DONT CRY..
Every night until MIDNIGHT XD
Chat Chat CHAT! XD
Watch movies and GLEE=D

And went to Malacca for Two days one night~
Not bad la..
Ate Cendol, Chicken Rice Balls and DURIAN CENDOL.. lol..

But got sick the day after i'm back in KL D: XD
And got an injection on my BUTT!
Quite pain one lo.. Lied on the bed for whole day..
Actually.. SLEPT for whole day ahhh~but at night..
Watch a movie summore lol..

Went to Kelantan on 10th Dec..
And went to Penang for Tan Family's Gathering on 17th Dec:)

I must describe that FUN-EST 3 days 2 nights!!! LOL

First night:)
Reached there at about 6pm++
Live in an apartment called Rasa Sayang SOMETHING XD
WALKED on the street at 11pm something for OVER HALF AN HOUR to reach a BITCH (BEACH)!!
when we first start walking "很靠近的,很快就到的"
Then.. after quite a distance "在前面罢了"
Afterthat few more minutes later "还有几步就到了"
When almost everybody is complaining "要到了,要到了"
And at last when we reached, we said "WALAO!你的 '要到了' 很 '靠近' 咯!!!" XD
Then, left the beach at 1am something, WALK AGAIN!! LOL
Started talking about my stupid torturing life that night~
That TAN WEI SHAN slept first~!!!! cause she listened to the story last time.. XD
And that TAN WEN YEE still say "If you all sleep, I SIT ON YOU AH !
but at last.. She kept saying "很累啊,很累啊~"

Second day& Second Night=D
Woke up at 11 or 12 something..
Went to the MAIN ROOM at 32nd floor,
Went down again to wait for ma' sis:)
Went to Straits Quay to take photos..
Unfortunately, TAN WEN YEE twisted her leg.. ><" Then we went to Nando's for our lunch=D
On the way going..
Received a message from GARY YAP saying that there's a meeting on the NEXT day after i'm back~
My dajie, Chingyee Jiejie and Ah MIN said,
LOL!!! Laughed die all of us..
Of course I didnt do so.. XD

After eating,
We went back to bath and take photos..
Ready for that night's dinner:)
Thanks to KOH LIH AH YI:)
First dish:) Like it muchieee(: (i only took this photo LOL)

That night, We went to watch NARNIA at Gurney Plaza until 1am something:)
Not bad lo actually.. But Chingyee jie jie kept saying it's boring..
OK for me la.. XD
Those guys sitting behind us are SOHAI! XD
Kept talking when watching.. And the conversation is summore FUNNY! XD
Back to our room.. Ahmin, my dajie and chingyee jie jie are moving to hotel (forgot what's the name)~
So.. only left me, shan, wen:D
But then.. They wanted to sleep early D:
Left me alone there..
Listened to songs until fell asleep..

Third day:)
Ah Wen went home earlier.. to go see doctor for her leg..
Weishan stayed at Hard Rock Cafe and didnt wanna go back with us D:
My family and I went to Pacific..
I bought nothing.. lol..
Only bro bought..
Afterthat.. we went to eat TU BAH HUN!! *yum yum* delicious:D


Selinsing and Bagan Serai the next!!:D
Played with the baby BIN:D
cute la him..
ONG SHE QIN cannot sleep cause I kept saying "wei. dont sleep la.."
then keep on shaking her..~ LOL
but then the last night there.. SHE CRIED D: cause i'm gonna leave..
sampat.. scared die me..
I am going back VERY SOON NEXT YEAR=D
Dont miss me XD

Went to Parit Buntar with ah wen them..
Bought 3 shirts there.. WALAO~ EXPENSIVE ah.. LOL
Ah Wen and I were taking photos like crazy there..
Too bad she deleted most of them D:
Gonna take again next year =P
He's so cute I'm gonna DIE :D XD

The last night in KL......
We(weishan and I) went into our room MASING MASING at about 1am because she said she's tired..
but then when i was about to sleep..
She suddenly came into my room and pull me out to Living room~
told me that she cannot sleep cause her mum didnt turn on the air-cond and she just finished watching horror movies at her friend's house.. NOT DARE SLEEP ! LOL XD
Then ok lo.. i invited her to sleep with me..
She agreed and went into the room with me..
Both of us..
Sleeping on a SINGLE BED!!!
And my dad is snoring so LOUDLY until both of us beh tahan!
I took out my earphone and we listened to songs until i fell asleep..
TAN WEI SHAN woke me up at 4.30am to ask me turn on the songs again for her cause she cannot sleep without the songs!! OMG~
Sounds crazy.. XD
She then went to her friend's house at about 11am and didnt send me to airport D:
HAHAHA! Just kidding..
ByeBye to West Malaysia~~~
Time passes so fast D:
I gonna miss them so damn much!!!
Edited by Weishan's friend=)
I love this so much:)

Movies I watched:
Step 1
Despicable me (LOL! So cute and funny until i laughed die XD ) [It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!]
St Trinian's (nice one:D )
Cinderella (dance one)
Cinderella (kinda modern one)
Narnia 3 (sohaiS behind us~ LOL)

{I think there's summore i forgot D: }

End of this post meaning the end of my holiday D:
p/s: I went crying when i first know my PMR result D: =="
p/p/s: PMR-4a4b, UEC-3A4B.. Better dont ask again.. It hurts =P