Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manda's back :D

Manda's back:D
And we went out for dinner and yumcha yesterday night :D
We only had 3 persons (sophie, manda and I) at first..
Having dinner..
Chatted so much and tried to catch up what had happened around her and around us
but then we joined Wenjiun, Hungvui and Nigel at Taste to yumcha:P

Had this yesterday night :D
not bad drinking~ it doesnt have those STRONG SMELL and it only contains 5.5 alcohol :)
Drank 3 glasses of it..
Then drank 2 glasses of TIGER..
I felt the world's spinning~ lol..

CRAP alot, and..
There was one part,
Wenjiun was imitating XiaoBai, Dorothy (our addmaths teacher) and Amanda Yim's conversation when we were having our addmaths lesson -


It's still funny even wenjiun is only imitating.. and we all laughed like hell~
but then manda was so funny when we all finished laughing..


Everyone of us laughed even harder and louder.. She summore gotta asked like this after she finished laughing~ She's so cute ! xD

Xiaobai, Amanda Yim, Dorothy, Manda

Here's are some photos~





We 3


♥ - End -

p/s: I was talking with TAN WEI SHAN on the phone while writing this blog xD

Friday, November 25, 2011

One random piece.

I just simply come up with this post
because i just renovated my whole page xD
It looks so much nicer now.. for me :P

I loved my old one too..
especially that picture..
but ya~
They're all about memories :)
It's time for moving on. :)

Time passes so fast~
2011 is coming to an end already~
DECEMBER is coming!
And i'm going to KL on next tuesday :D
I seriously cant wait for it already..
I gt A LOT to tell you ~~~
About her and about him xD

I really wanna say BYE-BYE to the old me,
who used to cry for you but yet isn't appreciated.
I swear,
From now on,
it's not going to happen anymore :)
I'm definitely okay without you =)
Here's a piece of advice,
Appreciate those who're around you,
Dont think that there's always replacement..
Or else, you'll be regret one day, guaranteed

I enjoy my life now
And i know,
there's a lot of problems and tasks waiting for me,
i have to recharge myself during this holiday~
Wait for me.
I am going to deal with you once i'm back from my holiday :D

p/s: I really miss you so much ♥

♥ :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

23.11.2011 ♥

Firstly, i hafta say that, my birthday was AWESOME..
maybe after reading this post, u might just "cheh~"..
but i really gotta say, it's already the best i've ever had :D

This morning, woke up at 7 something, went to have breakfast with my dad and sis~
Before sending my parents to airport~ (they're flying to CHINA on my birthday -.-" )
And they were like forgot about my birthday @@"
whatever.. at least my mum did send me a message before she board the plane.. TO WISH ME xD
Afterthat i went to Jacky's house because i didnt have transport to go tuition xD
It was great.. cause i finally got to use INTERNET after 3 days !!!
Had tuition in the afternoon~ and we gambled! LOL..
i lose money leh! but still.. i was ok about it.. haha.. i dont know why xD

And actually, my awesomeness of the day started at night :D
i dated Amanda, Cheryl, Xiaoyou, Simon, Ah En, Mellisa, Wenjiun and Sun :D
but then.. Mellisa gotta practise for her function tomorrow night, she put my aeroplane-.-"
wenjiun and Sun only can join us during the second round..

so at first, i only had dinner with Cheryl, Amanda, Xiaoyou, Simon and Ah En at The Boss xD
we just had our lunch there on monday!
and tonight, we're there again xD
It was so much fun to be with them..
kept laughing at those very little random thingy xD

Contohnya.. xD
Amanda and Simon reached first..
Then they told the waitress there'll be 8 person~ (they didnt tell actually, they pointed xD)
When they're trying to arrange the tables..
The waitress was like in a shock.. and she asked, "lapan puluh?"
LOL!! So damn funny~ and afterthat when amanda told us , she summore added those funny-looked-panic actions of the waitress xD

And then that day lunch,
there was a waiter sending our drinks..
Xiaoyou ordered Mocha and when it reached..
the waiter go and smell it then said IT'S MOCHA~
Then we dont knw why.. kept laughing about that..
and until just now, we still cant stop making fun with that xD

Thinking back now, i seriously forget about most of those jokes we laughed at and why did i laugh so hard~ xD
It was such a pleasant and cheerful dinner xD
after the dinner, i had no idea how did they give the signal to the waiter..
I only remember Amanda asked them to kemas the table and i was chatting with forgot-who..
Then all of the sudden, a cake appeared and they started to sing Birthday Song :D
It was so surprising~
I didnt expect any cake or candles, and i made a wish.. *it came true :) *
then we continued to chat for like half an hour, eating cakes~

Afterthat, we discussed about where should we go for the next round..~
Xiaoyou wanted to go to BALIN so much but then she had to say it's too far and it'll be late when she gets home xD
After that funny discussing section~ we decided to go to Equator for the second round xD
Sun and Wenjiun joined us when we actually finished drinking our "TEA"~
Spending time at Equator, camwhoring with Xiaoyou and Amanda~ using Simon's camera xD
it had over 100 photos we've taken xD

When we're in Equator.. there was a part.. we talked about 24 seasons drum camp~
Those tutors are so damn lengzai and we cant stop talking about them~ xD

Walao.. Muji very lengzai right~
Yalo.. most lengzai is him already..
Where gt.. that Ah boy very yeng~
ohh.. that one ah.. not bad only la xD Chin Chun Ket also very lengzai ma~
Yalo.. he's from sandakan one leh~
but they all have girlfriend or wife already one xD
LOL xD (who cares? xD )
Eh, not fair lo~ how come that day you can go help one?
Jocelyn asked me de wor..
Yerrr.. i have to scold her already.. call her now~
oh.. okay~

Then we really called up Jocelyn and they really asked her why can i go help and stuff~ xD
Were so crazy about those tutors xD
Amanda Xiao You Me

Afterthat, Xiaoyou left earlier cause her mum didnt want her to go home late~
Then we continued to chat until around 11pm..
everyone's going back~

How you back oh?
*DUUUUU* (pointing to wenjiun)
huh?? WA......

laughed die all of us

Wenjiun Me

cause Wenjiun didnt even know he had to fetch sun home, ah sun never ask xD
and that funny moment of wenjiun's expression really made us laughed like hell xD

Then i went to find my bro who was in Subway with his friends~
Went there to join them playing cards xD
that card rules i never hear one~ lol..
but it's like testing your trust to your friends xD
When i played till very high
Suddenly received a message from TJ LIM at 10.52pm saying that THEY PURPOSELY SEND ME WISHES LATE so that can increase my expectancy xD
Then continuously receiving wishes from JieSoon (saying that he's the guy i liked xD ), Joan (tj's mum? xD ), Jiaying, Ah Soo and Ting Ting~ :D

And there were 2 more i have to highlight what they said xD
JOCELYN thought that when i called her at first was to test her whether she still remember my birthday and to scold her NO HEART xD then she sent something acted like she's angry, TO WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ lol.. her last sentence - 我不是没有心,我只是故意忘记,让你期待一下~ really kik dao me~ hahaha xD
kay la kay la~ MOST GT HEART is you already xD ♥ you so damn much:P xD

Then that GARY YAP more kik~ 低调的人会讲自己是低调的咩?xD it seems like the whole thing is planned by him~ fine.. You all really did surprise me btw xD You guys succeeded~~ happy? xD

But i really gotta admit, Today is really very DAMN AWESOME~♥
Thanks guys, for brightening my sweet 16th :D ♥
♥ you all :D