Monday, November 10, 2014


I was so relieved and at the same time, tired like heck -.- Consequences of procrastinating arghhhh! Seriously, I didnt really only start it at the last minute. I was just.. doing everything slowly  ....... Okay, it's considered my fault, nevertheless, i finished :P It's just that I only slept for 3 hours this morning ._. 
There are 2 more assignments on hand and 1 poster to hand in this Saturday /.\ Well... That feel after submitting one BIG REPORT, the other assignments are just like *pick nose* HAHAHAHAHA 
After all these, this sem is going to end really soon~ Words cannot really describe how much I love this semester, well, despite of some really weird people which I could never get rid of -.- ( they are here to make your life a little more interesting [making myself sound positive] ) ~ I met an AWESOMAZING [Is there such word? LOL] lecturer who made me fangirl over her damn much hahahah, ya it's a HER :P ; And also some really helpful and nice tutors, which I really appreciate a lot as I heard of some really LANC ones ._. and I consider myself very lucky to have met them, to bring my passion for psychology back again! :)

As what I have mentioned, I have only slept for 3 hours, and I'm so freaking sleepy that I can fall asleep immediately, right in front of my computer ! So I decide to stop here. This post isn't really completed as I haven't even gone into the main thing I wanted to talk about, but ya, I have to sleep NOW! Will talk about it soon, muah bye :*