Sunday, February 28, 2010


Woke up early for tuition today~~
Online of course=)
Went swimming with my Dajie~
I didnt meet any ppl there..XD
It was just full of Malay ppl~~==

Have to type out my ghost story for the L&S Presentation~
I hate to write composition== or story><
The one and only solution is to find it on net !XD
Finding now lo~ ><

--The End--

Thursday, February 25, 2010


You think I really like to join u all?!
You think I really WILLING to join u all?!
Do you think I SHOULD BE very happy that I can join u?!
If it's not because of him~
I wont put so much efforts in this!
Help you do things still kena behh==
If wanna ask me do thing,
TRUST ME lah !
I said can then can~
I wont do things that i'm not confident in!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dont think too much~

To You, You never care about me the way a bestie should do ! I've known u since form1~ I really wished to be the best friend of yours~ but you?! NEVER EVER think like that~
The way You treat me tell me EVERYTHING You're thinking~ I am really very HURT to see You treat me and her in a very different way althought You dont like her ! Am I really your bestie? I wondered~ You tell her everything and made her always show off in front of me ! I have to act like I dont care~ I hate this ! Y dont you ask yourself did u EVER treat me as a GOOD FRIEND?! I'm now so regret to tell You everything! I trusted You but You dont ! And tell you what, the people You trust her so much now tell me every single word you told her ! This is what you called BELIEVE?!

To YOU, Dont ever think that like I owed YOU ! DIU ! Always ask me do this and do that~
WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! And stop making those THING ! I dont wan our friendship will become like the PREVIOUS one !

To u, I know I'm the wrong one to always say u behind ur back~ Although I'm happy when u tell me ALMOST everything.. But, Please stop those actions which making me do that ! I cant stand u any longer if u gotta continue that~


22/2 & 23/2

Today is really FUN ! LOL
I went in prefect room for da 3 periods of recess !
I admit that
Wanna know details?
Ask me=)

Happy Birthday to SOPHIE, AMY and FEI LAI!!!!! :D
Wanyi, Shinyu & I celebrate with Sophie just now~
It's so pity that Manda isnt here:(
Took lots of photos~
Not yet can upload la~
All are inside Sophie's phone..

What a FINE day today ;)
{Miss me ya;)} [you know who~XD]

[I typed this yesterday~but didnt post it.. ><]

I was so BU GAN YUAN to wake up this morning~
DAMN tired la !
I was on the bed at 11 sumthing already~
But I chatted with my sis until 12~
We got two periods for science today..
I slept for one~ XD
It wasnt too over la~
I JUST slept for 1 period~~ :D
Still marched just now!!
My legs are in pain now~

Da EnD:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Holiday mode *OFF*

Celebrated my chinese new year holiday happily~ XD
And it's time for school now..:(
I dont hate school,
just hate it when~
I need to wake up early for school,
I need to study till midnight for test=(
I need to go tuition EVERYDAY~
I dont have enough sleep everyday~~~~ T.T

Feeling abit stress again~
It was Chinese New Year mannn~
And i still got HOMEWORKS !
Mid term coming soonn~
Wish me luck~
Hopefully, I'll be hardworking this time=)

Till then,
P/S: Holiday mode *OFF*~ Study mode *ON*~

Sunday, February 14, 2010

NIAN CHU 1~ & My Valentine~XD

Went to Datuk Sri Panglima "Liu Sui Fatt" JU SHEN's house this morning~ XD
Got a big angpau:D
Then went home,
And guess what~

Went to Mile 12
And then back home again==
Then went to FU JIAN HUI GUAN for my JIANG XUE JIN at 4pm=)
And then to PU JI SI for praying:)
Prayed for my PMR & UEC this year><
Guess what,
I back home again~ lolx
NO CURRENT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NIAN CHU 1 ooo~
no current~~
What kind of WORLD is this?!><

Out with Manda & Wanyi just now:D
So sad Sophie cant join us~
But we still had fun:D
First round,
We went to The Rock Cafe:)
Gossiped alot there..
And also took photos:D

Our Valentines are each others<3

After 2 hours like that..
The waiter was like wanna shoo us~
We didnt ask,
But he gave the bill and ask us to pay==
He really abit spoiled our fun><
But then, we paid and leave.

And then went to Vedablue for the second round~
Manda ordered Classic Vanila,
Wanyi ordered something Lemonade or what><
And me,
Ordered the Ferrero Rocher
We took our order and sit down then continue to chat..
All of the sudden,
Manda popped out a sentence~
"How come my ice-cream gt lemon one~"
Wanyi then said,
"You isit took mine?"
"LOL, We both took each others' la~"
We laughed like shit you know..
Ate for it so long liao only know took wrong==
Geng de lohhh~

It is so much fun to be with Amanda~
I {hearts} her:D
I'm happy to spend time with them during Valentines' Day<3

Da EnD~
P/S: I felt excited when found out the difference of your replies~:D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Year Eve~

I woke up at 11am++ today~ XD
then helped to tidy up the room~
And had Maggi Mee for my brunch~ ><

In the evening..
My sis & I went to backyard for collecting clothes..
And my sis wanna watering the plants~
Then all of the sudden..
A black centipede appeared!
This is its pic~ XD

Not so clear 1 la..
But really did scare the hell of us~
My sis went to take a tool ( I dont know what should I name it><)
She was like cincang the little thing><
Poor thing..
I let it 'lied' peacefully in my mum's garden~ XD

At night..
Follow my mum went to tzu chi..
There's a programme is that there's a CAI SHEN YE came out and gave us orange~
My sis and I followed him a distance..
He also didnt realise~
He was like gonna give the orange to another one,
But when my dad suddenly appeared in front of him~
He just changed the direction and gave it to my dad~
My sis and I was like "Walao ehhh~like that also can one ar?!"

That's all for today~
Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentines' Day to everyone=)


Friday, February 12, 2010

Miss you~

Dont know why..
I suddenly thought of you today~
Think back to the days u teased me==
And I'm happy for u to tease me><
I really miss you so much~
How are you there?
I think you'll never see this post~
Cause i'm just a really simple friend to you~
Maybe not even friend? =(
But I'm still feeling happy that..
You did talk to me last year:D
You never know how shy am I to talk to you><
I'm now missing you badly~
For dont know what reason..

But I know,
I'll never fall for you again~
It is just a really good memory for me~
But nothing for you:)
Wish you good luck in your study=)
And find a gf a.s.a.p~ XD

The EnD~
P/S: simply type shuang~ this is not my story>< no asking please~ TQ


What a FINE day today==
I woke up at 5.30am automatically at Sharon's house==
But of course..
I slept back..XD

Woke up at 8am~
Still considered early compared to my RECORD..
Chatted with Sharon lots last night:)
Long time didnt like chat that much already..
I ignored her for quite long time..
She ignored me for the same long time==

Went to Nigel's house at 10.30am,
Tarrant fetch us and picked up Jacky then went to Shinli's house~
Went there only knew that Encore is not opened!==
Waited quite a long time for Sharon's mum to go fetch us to Pizza Hut for lunch~
We played WII again!!! Nyahahaha~XD
TENNIS again for me:D

I RANG them played,
and I went out to take the photo of Ruth's house..
I wont get a chance to go that house anymore..T.T
And I missed the days we chatted at her house~

Her House=)

Reached Pizza Hut at about 1.50pm~
Met Gary them, celebrating Ice Cream's b'day~
Happy Be-Early Birthday to Ice Cream:D
Holding my camera and kept taking photos~
Go check my facebook for the photos^^
I forgot what did Nigel said,
N made me point my middle finger to him..
And he said
"Heyy, Behave yourself at Pizza Hut!"
What's wrong if I dont behave myself at Pizza Hut?XD
Then sharon said,
"No la.. We should behave ourselves at anywhere~"
Nothing funny actually..
But shinli and I laughed like shit~ XDD
And then,
We took this~

Edited by ME~ =)

And This~


Our orders reached and we started to eat~
Hungvui, Wenjiun & Nigel talked about those Reproduction System things==
Boys are like that~
Shinli, Sharon, Jacky and Me laughed only..XD
As Weishan said,

They went to cinema to watch movie,
And I din follow~ lolx
Had fun~
Enough already:)

Went to my aunt's house have dinner just now..
Chatted with Ah Heng..
About lots of stuffs~

Tired today~
Woke up too early..

Da END:)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

CNY is coming=)

I was nervous today~
Damn nervous..
It's all over now~
After that,
I went to eat and chat:D
I enjoy chatting with Lee Wei Chong.
He is such a nice guy..
And He is also Da Beautiful One for me~XD
Camwhored just now~ XD
Go look for the photos on my fb..
Lazy upload here..;)

Went to pierce just now~
I forgot who told me that isnt painful..
It is PAINFUL~==

CNY is coming:D
I love it~
Cause there's more time for me to SLEEP~
And also ANGPAU la of course=)
Manda is coming tomorrow:D
We're going to meet up almost the whole next week..

Going to Sharon's house tonight~
Although this is not the first time already..
But I'm still excited~XD

Gtg now~
Tatax =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Woohooo~ =)

I felt so damn relax after having my history test~~ :D
And it is quite easy one~
But I'm nervous for tomorrow~
Bless me=)

Tuition just now..
We got nothing to do~
Cause teacher didnt teach us new thing~
And didnt give us any homework..
We GOSSIP~ For sure..XD
About manyyyy~
Here's one of the conversations between us
Fuiyun "How do you think of Sandakan before you come?"
Shinyu "I heard about Sandakan is a place that ppl live on a tree and there's no 马通"
Chunket "WHAT?!! If no 马桶, then how r we going to berak? Go into the forest just korek a hole then berak?!"
Fuiyun "GOSH!! How come you will think like that de?!!"
Shinyu "I heard ppl say only de....."
Fuiyun "Then how did you think?"
Shinyu "Abit like that lo..But i thought that maybe our house can be bigger than the one in W.M~ And there's a forest behind our house.."
Chunket "Still the same lo.. Go into the forest thn korek a hole and berak there..During the process.. We'll hear those animals' sound~~ Berak still have to scare there..The house in your dream is made up of what de? Atap or Papan?"
Shinyu "Aiyoo.. no laa"
Fuiyun "Then which of your house is bigger?"
Shinyu "W.M that~"
Fuiyun, Chun Ket & me was like spoke out together..
"GO BACK LA YOU~!!!"(just kidding one) XD
Shinyu "Yerr..Dont like that la"

Laughed our ass off~ XDDD

That's part of my life~
And I ENJOY it much=)

--Da EnD--
P/S: Wish me good luck tomorrow:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank You~~ =)

First of all..
Thanks to YOU~ Mr Stupid Ah Pek~XD
I enjoyed the Pearl Tea very muchh~
Muahahahahah~ XD

Went to Indah with Emily just now~
We went to quite many shops..
And at last,
We didnt find the thing we want~
Met DA PRINCIPLE at Cecily~

History test tomorrow~
Gonna study very very hard~~~

It's a nice day today.. I think=)

The END:)

Monday, February 8, 2010

7/2 ==

We (chs, emily, ah bu & I) talked about..
What are we going to wear on Thursday~
That two old ppl were so funny~XD

Met that stupid Ah Pek in the staffroom today~
Yesterday night I really off already de~
I only received his instant message just now evening~XDD
To YOU~ Dont forget my pearl tea tomorrow..XP

Got marching practise tomorrow again~
I'm tired la~
This is the busiest year of mine in JUNIOR~ ><
I admit that~
I will be in really bad mood..
When there's someone disturb me sleeping~
I just hate that you know==
Sleeping is my everything nowadays~ ><

Just type shuang~
I have nothing to do..
Although I have a Chinese test tomorrow==

Da EnD++
P/S: Sorry for that.. I just felt very BU SHUANG~=)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's Sunday already~~
As usual..
I went to tuition this morning~

Time passes fast laa~
It's now February~
Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day coming soon~
Time for tidying up the house right? XD
I tidied up my room this afternoon~
Not me la..
It's my sis the one tidying up~
Guess what did I do..


Too tired bahh~
I was like...
After washing my shoes,
I LAP the rak~
then went to help my sis took in my parents' blanket..
And I just went in my parents' room then sleep~
It's my 自然反应 when saw the bed there with no one~XD
Too tired~
For waking up early everyday every week..
Cant blame me de..XD

Dinner at outside with family, of course~ :)
Went to Taichung after dinner..
Bought 4 bottles of Sparkling Juice mann~
My dad was like "Ei, buy more la.. So less how drink~ Go and take more~"
And my mum just kept shaking her head~
Funny Old Couple har~ XD

And then to a shop at Fuliwa~
All of the things inside the shop are imported from Taiwan & Japan de~
Bought lots of things again~
Our school gt celebration for CNY this Thursday~
Abit nervous for hosting one of the programme..
Wish me Good Luck=)

It's time for homework~
Maths again~


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Lifeeee~==

I woke up at 6am today morning..
Just to go to town have my breakfast then only go to school==
Comp society..
As usual la~
Nothing to talk about..
Girl Guide~
They did TANG YUAN,
I only brought the pandan leaves for them..
But didnt go for it..
Cause what..
I spent my time doing the hosting things==
Had fun with CHS, T.Emily and Ah Bu~ lolx
Those riddles really funny one mann...
And you know..
There must be something when together with Ah Bu de~ XD
You know, I know..
Dont say it out~ XDDD

I slept during the 2 tuition classes just now~
Really so damn tired~~
I really dont know what do I want now..

I felt sad when I knew about it..
What & Who am I in your eyes?!

It is not my job to do that~
Stop ordering me~
And dont treat me like i'm the one who is responsible to help you!
Grow up, you IDIOT!!

~Da END~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


What a nice day today:D
Had so much fun during Malay Lesson (again..) & Science~
(I dont describe much la~ Lazy..XD)
My class is just so funny, mannn!
Although they're really naughty sometimes~

Had marching practise today AGAIN~
I'm tired~
Still.. Had fun:D
I have no idea how come today is so damn nice~
It just feel so right to me:)


Monday, February 1, 2010

Here I come=)

I was happy yesterday!
Cause Ruth finally sms-ed me from AUSTRALIA!!!!
I really miss her so damn much!
Knew that she's fine there,
I'm happy for her~ :)

Not so happy today~
Felt so down lo~
Forgive me, my friend.
I was really in damn bad mood today..
I have no idea how come..
But still..
There's few things made me quite high de==
'Cikgu Patimah'
"Mdm Lim~'XD
and SOME of my dear friends=)
This is all I got today~
--Da End--
p/s: To Someone, I didnt lazy update today..XD