Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Problem Forever

Every time i thought i've finally found one..
I'll get disappointed the next minute..
So i learnt to keep silent..
I learnt to stop telling people how much they mean to me..
At the meanwhile, stop telling myself how important they are to me..
Tried to be heartless..
So that i wont get hurt anymore if they're going to leave me again..
But then, it doesn't work..

I just cant stop myself from being nice to people~
Being naive,
being used by someone and i still think of the possibilities of her treating me as a good friend..
Until i realised and tried to avoid..
She talked about me at my back~

It's just too hard to withdraw my heart even though i know i'm being used..
Do you know how much i wanna fix that?
Can you please try to do something too?
Dont let my hypothesis be true.. :(

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