Thursday, October 30, 2014

It has been a long time..

It has really been a long time since the last time i blogged. So ya I'm back~ Sorry for the ignores for the year(s) ? The feel of blogging just came back to me all of the sudden these days and so i decided to type a little during this struggling-in-assignments-period. Ya, I'm in University now. First Year Second Sem, WOW! Even I, myself is impressed with the growth in me LOL. (Well, neither the height nor weight, but the AGE and MIND) So ya, I'm taking Psychology in HELP University, finally, as I wished for so many years. The course is fairly good, as I expected. And I met good friends, really awesome lecturers and nice tutors which I really appreciate. Except for the part of not being involved in activities like I did in secondary school, I guess I'm coping well. Somehow, I just miss the good old times when I had to stay at school from the sunrise until the sunset, doing all the stuffs and having fun with friends. I guess I still need some time to start getting active.

It's not really tough now but I can feel the stress in me caused by the assignments, errr or maybe it's the lecturer behind. Guess I did too well last year and that I cant really afford doing bad now. Have to try harder . I dont want to disappoint myself or my family . And I don't want to do badly like how people have expected.

There are actually a lot of thoughts running in my head but I have to not spill them all out or this will be one of those really emotional posts. Feel like going to some peaceful, natural place (maybe a resort on a hill or an isolated beach), not bringing any electronic devices and hide myself from the city for few days. Be it reading, sleeping, thinking or taking some nice photos. I need some time for myself, away from the life now.

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